Responsibilities of Membership

Attend Rehearsals Regularly

Rehearsals should be a top priority in your schedule. Becoming an orchestra member means making that commitment. When you miss a rehearsal, you fall behind, and that impacts the whole orchestra. Fully attended rehearsals are the most fun and the most productive for everyone.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Students should try to learn new music early in each semester. This will require some serious practice effort at home, but it will help you get the most from your rehearsals, and allow the orchestra to advance rapidly. Your conductor will expect to hear week to week improvement all season, so you’ll need to make home practice a regular habit.

Seek Help If You Need It

Private instruction is not required for BYO membership, but it can be quite helpful. If you’re struggling with a particularly troublesome passage, ask your private teacher for help. But don’t expect them to teach you every note of every piece. If you need that much help, you should consider transferring to a less advanced orchestra, or perhaps hiring a teacher just for BYO music.

Be A Team Player

A successful orchestra performance requires hard work from every player. Just as in sports, players who don’t properly prepare themselves let down the whole team. Each player’s effort affects the outcome for everyone else. Responsible orchestra members work to support each other, and take pride in achieving their goals together as a team.

Participate In School Programs

Although we cannot strictly require it, members are strongly urged to participate in their school music programs. Thatʼs what the schools prefer, and we agree. BYO is intended to complement your other music activities, not replace them. The extra experience will help you excel in both BYO and school.

Report All Absences

If you must miss a rehearsal, you are required to report the absence, preferably well in advance. Unplanned absences (such as illnesses or emergencies) should be reported as soon as possible. If too many rehearsals have been missed or sufficient practice to play the part has not been done, the conductor may determine that an individual’s right to participation in any season performance be withheld.

Pay Attention To Your Email

BYO uses email extensively to keep members up to date. It’s your responsibility to check your email regularly. If you don’t, you’ll miss schedule changes and other information that’s vital to your participation in BYO. If this requirement is problematic, please let us know.

Help Support BYO

To keep our program affordable for everyone, we depend on donations, grants, and fundraisers. The board of directors (all volunteers) expends a huge amount of energy on these activities, which subsidize everyone’s tuition. So it’s expected that member families will try to help with fundraisers, or volunteer in some way. For those with limited time, a simple donation can serve as an alternative. Students receiving financial aid may be asked to perform additional duties, such as mentoring or helping with events. BYO is truly a community effort.