How to Join BYO

Joining BYO Is Easy!

  • labelStep 1: Application

    You can apply to our program by visiting our website at and clicking on “Join BYO” and then “Submit Application On-Line”. Answer all of the questions. Unanswered questions or blank spaces may lead to disqualification of your application. Be sure to click on submit and make note of the date. Please choose a method of payment as indicated during the application process. The next step is preparing your audition.

  • labelStep 2: Audition

    The audition process for orchestra is quite simple. Audition materials are posted on our website. If you are a new applicant seeking membership in our orchestra program, or if you are a current member wishing to advance to a higher level ensemble, you will need to audition by submitting a recording of yourself playing the audition music for the level you’re interested in. This will be used by the conductors to help determine seating/position assignments for the season. All seating is under the conductor’s control and discretion.

    If you are not accepted into the orchestra of your choice, we will offer you a position in the appropriate level as determined by the conductors so you can participate in BYO. This will be an excellent opportunity to continue honing your skills, thus improving your chances of a successful audition next season for the higher level orchestra.

    What levels require an audition?

    If you are a returning member, you are still required to submit an audition.

  • labelStep 3: Acceptance


  • labelStep 4: Tuition

    As shown below, tuition is different for each ensemble. The quoted amounts are for the entire season (including both semesters), starting in September and ending in March or April. If you have more than one applicant in your family, you are eligible for the family discount. Your tuition payment covers auditions, opening orientation (potluck dinner), 24 to 26 rehearsals, sectionals, two concerts, guest conductors, master classes, and receptions after the concerts. (Be advised that exact program content varies by group level.) Major tours for Repertory are optional and will cost extra depending on the tour.

    We understand that in today’s economy it can be difficult to pay for additional programs outside of school. Therefore we’re offering the option of spreading tuition payments across the season to make joining BYO less of a burden on families, especially those with more than one child in our program. We also offer tuition assistance. (See below.)

    Option 1

    Single Payment – Simply send us a check or money order, or submit your payment by credit card on our website via Pay Pal at time of application. Payment must be received by the first rehearsal to guarantee your position. All tuition payments must be received by then or a late fee of $35 will be assessed.

    Option 2

    Six Payments – Simply download the ACH Withdrawal Form located on our website, fill it out and submit the form with your checking account and routing numbers. We will set up equal monthly payments covering the tuition for each student enrolled in the program. That amount will be withdrawn from your checking account each month for the duration of the season (total tuition/6 equal payments). The same deadlines apply as for Option 1.

    Program Fees
    • Preludio String: $250 per musician
    • Concert Orchestra: $275 per musician
    • Young Artist Orchestra: $300 per musician
    • Repertory Orchestra: $325 per musician
    Family Discounts
    • 2 musicians: $25 discount on total tuition
    • 3 musicians: $50 discount on total tuition
    • 4 musicians: $75 discount on total tuition

    Tuition Assistance

    Part of our mission is to provide tuition assistance to students whose families may not be able to pay some or all of our tuition. We offer up to a 50% tuition reduction based on several criteria, submission of our tuition assistance application, letter stating your particular situation, family interview, the student’s desire to participate, and a letter of recommendation from a local music instructor.

    If you are in need of financial assistance, please follow the instructions on our Tuition Assistance application found on our website, and submit the forms along with a letter of recommendation from the your music instructor. This should be submitted to BYO after the student has applied. Once we receive your application we will contact you. Payment arrangements must be completed by the same deadlines as listed under Option 1 above.

    Tuition Refunds

    BYO will only refund tuition until the 1st rehearsal in the Fall. After that time, all tuition received becomes non-refundable.

Season Schedule

Our season runs from September through early April. Our rehearsals are held on Mondays, in late afternoon or early evening. We make every effort to accommodate conflicts with school schedules. To learn more about our Important Dates currently posted, and to make notes so you don’t miss out, visit our website at If you have questions, contact us at