Who can join BYO?

With four orchestras, and a flexible scholarship program, BYO is designed for all students, regardless of skill level or financial circumstances. Excluding Preludio Strings, orchestra placement is determined by audition.

Can I be in more than one group during the year?

Because of the time commitment for preparation and practice time, we allow students to be in one group per year. This promotes the highest level of excellence to which the BYO promotes as its mission.

Can I switch groups in the middle of the year?

We do not allow switching of groups during the year unless a conductor feels that a student would be better served in another group. At that point, there would be a meeting between the concerned conductors and an agreement would be reached between them.

Are there refunds for students quitting the program?

Once a student has paid his/her tuition, there are no refunds.

How does BYO complement school programs?

BYO serves a broad range of ages, from preschoolers to adults, and a wide geographic area, including outlying rural school districts and home schools. In many cases, BYO is the only orchestral  experience available. For those students in a school orchestra, BYO serves as a supplement to that program, offering additional opportunity and challenges to promote more rapid advancement. This accelerated pace of learning benefits not only the student, but also the school orchestras.